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Sony Stock Price at 31-Year Low

By Jeff Buckland, 5/11/2012 9:24 AM

It's hard to imagine that one of the major players in the video game industry could eventually go belly-up, but today's news of Sony stock hitting a 31-year low sure makes that seem like a possibility, doesn't it? Of course, Sony is currently spending boatloads of money on making a successor to the PS3, but it turns out that they're hemorrhaging most of their money in the consumer electronics business, where we've heard of Sony engineers refusing to share information with each other due to stiff competition (yes, inside the company) and so many products coming out with too-high prices and lackluster performance. The company has already pledged to turn it around by cutting a big chunk of its electronics-making workforce and dumping a lot of its bad products, but that's no guarantee Sony will still be afloat in five years. Or three, for that matter.


5/17/2012 04:47:25 AM
Posted by armydicked
You know my favourite thing about TRUE Capitalism (not this TOO BIG TO FAIL SOCIALISM CRAP we have in the USA) but Adam Smith CAPITALISM? Come up with a better mousetrap and you can be richer than GOD; Screw up and your'e out of business [Facebook, Anyone? Tower Records, anyone?].

R-E-A-D Steve Jobs by W. Isaacson (Simon & Schulster Pub. 2012) and it says it all. SONY IS DOOMED UNLESS SONY DESTROYS ITSELF & Starts over. SONY invented Portable Music. First, with the Walkman and then the Discman. Yet SONY couldn't do the logical jump to Digital as APPLE DID with its IPOD & ITUNES. Why?

SONY set up its divisions as COMPLETE Independent FEIFDOMS. SONY MUSIC thinks SONY Consumer ELECTRONICS is its mortal enemy and vice versa. The presidents of each division are only interested in their FEIFDOM's Bottom Line and not SONY CORPORATIONS!!!

Look how JOBS took over the music industry. First, he invented the IPOD. The iPod allowed people to rip their existing CD libraries to Apple's portable digital player. Jobs then scratched his balls and thought "People aint buying CDs anymore---they P2P their music. So lets set up the worlds largest P2P server and charge people a buck a song (why pay $20.00 for 4 songs & 10 fillers when you could get $4 songs for $4.00!!!). Boom, Apple invents Itunes to COMPLIMENT iPOD.

What does SONY do? NOTHING!!! SONY MUSIC owns about 80% of EVERY Top music content (Beatles, Michael Jackson, etc.) but SONY MUSIC refused to upset their Artistes deals with Walmart than to let their songs be sold separately. No SONY Itunes, No SONY IPOD.

When Jobs got EMI, Warner Bros, etc to join iTUNES, SONY Music was left out in the cold and was FORCED to join iTunes. This left Sony electronics out in the cold--who wants to buy a stand alone SONY ipod that cant access digital content other than CDs which no one buys anymore!!!

You want to watch SONY Management JUMP OUT THE WINDOW? Wisper to them Apple is about to launch the iTV Set---a television set that integrates iTUNES content, to include movies. It also doesn't come with a remote because it is all VOICE ACTIVATED!!! Oh, don't sweat about calling a Professional to come out and adjust the colour temperture and lighting adjustment on your new wide screen TV because IT DOES THAT ITSELF!!! It also tells you what parts are going out and calls the TV technician to alert Warranty Repairs of its required parts and sets up the service tech's house calls.

SONY Needs to go under!!! No company can run its divisions as individual feifdoms. FEIFDOMS do not innovate---they can only increase market share and cut costs.

Without new products and ideas, market shares will retract and costs can only be cut so much before you hit bone. SONY needs ONE LEADER, ONE COMPANY, ONE MISSION [EIN VOLK, EIN REICH, EIN PURPOSE!!!].

I am VICIOUS when it comes to CAPITALISM. Screw JOBS, Screw COMMUNITY, Screw World Citizen Values, Screw America!!! The purpose of Capitalism is to make MONEY---that's it!!!
You MAKE MONEY when people LUST AFTER YOUR PRODUCTS!!! People LUST after your products when you give your customers not only what they want but what your customers haven't asked for but which 'is too cool not to fawn over'.

Could you IMAGION what would happen if APPLE announced it is going into the car business?!!! SMART CARS that drove themselves so that you didn't have to. SMART CARS that were 100% electric. SMART CARS that were theft proof because they started by retnia scans. SMART CARS that avoided accidents because they spoke to other cars on the road and the traffic signals. SMART CARS that worked together during commuter traffic hours. SMART CARS that diagnosed themselves. SMART CARS that played all your digital content. SMART CARS that adjusted their enviroment to you and shared enviromental data with the government. SMART CARS that monitored YOUR HEALTH and all its passengers.
APPLE CAN ENVISION THIS---Sonys Feifdoms CAN'T!!! This is why SONY needs to go out of business!!!

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