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Ubisoft Officially Abandons Always-On DRM

By Jeff Buckland, 9/5/2012 6:47 AM

Ubisoft has told Rock Paper Shotgun that they've finally decided to drop their very unpopular always-on DRM for PC games. No longer will you need to remain online to play a single player PC game from Ubisoft. The games still have an activation system when you install a game, but there are no limits on activation. Of course, this likely comes mostly because the DRM was predictably ineffective in preventing piracy - but PC gamers could have told them the day this DRM system was announced that'd be the eventual reality. In fact, PC gamers did exactly that.

So the question is, will Ubisoft now sell more games? They've recently updated their Uplay back-end software into something that's a full digital distribution platform like Steam or Origin, and while they gained a bit of goodwill by putting several games from the last couple years up for a dollar, I think they've got a long way to go to regain PC gamers' trust.


9/7/2012 05:10:37 AM
Posted by grek
Yes finally. Im so happy they finally realised it. Now im gonna be able to buy Ubisoft games again :D jocuri

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