AVALANCHE is a third-person action game, set in the Final Fantasy VII universe,
and featuring music from Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream.


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For installation instructions, please take a look at the Instruction Manual after downloading AVALANCHE. A Pentium 4 CPU at 2.0 GHz and a GeForce 7800 or better are recommended for running AVALANCHE at optimal display settings. However, the game will most likely run on a system as low as a Pentium 3 CPU at 1.0 GHz and a GeForce 2 or better in its worst display mode. If you have trouble running AVALANCHE, take a look at the performance troubleshooting section of the Instruction Manual.

Please check here for the latest version of AVALANCHE.

Tech Demo 1

Author: Rich Whitehouse
This is a simple mod which presents a scene with over 1 million triangles. Check it out if you want to use it as a benchmark, or if you wish to experience serenity as you have never before known it.
avamod_tech1.zip - 3D Downloads


Author: Rich Whitehouse
This mod replaces the normal game font with an Arial style font.
avamod_arial.zip - 3D Downloads

Choco Madness
Author: Ultimate Sephiroth
A simple mod, involving a quest to rescue Tifa's chocobo. There is not much to it, though it's a reasonable simple example of how to implement a new game loop/mission structure in a simple non-code mod.
mod_chocomadness.zip - amorgandesigns.com

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